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LCS: the home of custom designed, precision engineered, sustainable
modular buildings.

Our Modular buildings take many shapes and forms. Our approach
is extremely flexible and allows us to readily increase usable space,
add an extra floor, or make other structural or technological
improvements. That means almost any customer request can be
met, while delivery times will typically remain much shorter than 
traditional building methods.



Buy modular buildings made to your spec

At LCS, we can create a building based on your unique requirements.

Work with our experienced design team to create something perfect

for your business. We can even help you furnish your space

with a range of modern facilities from kitchens to bathrooms.

(Read more)



Hire modular buildings

In addition to selling modular structures, LCS also hires buildings.

This service offers an economical solution for people in need of secure temporary storage/offices/ security cabins and more. 

(Read more)

Portable offices

LCS can supply a portable office and arrange its delivery to the location of your choice, allowing you to provide a high level of comfort for your field workers and improve on-site management. LCS offices can be equipped with standard utilities and electric appliances, making them fully functional and well suited for a broad range of applications. (Read more)



Mobile toilets

We can deliver a simple and effective solution for mobile toilets that meets high sanitary and aesthetic standards. Running water and electric power
can be installed at your request, making our units far more comfortable

than traditional prefabricated toilets, while remaining just as light and

easily transportable. (Read more)



Assembled buildings, ready for shipping

LCS has years of experience in modular building design and stocks a

large number of ready-made units for a range of purposes. Check out

our large collection of best-selling units and choose one that suits your

needs and budget. (Read more)

Our Clients
Love Us!
Google rating
I have found Rentcontainer / LCS to be an excellent, secure and good value storage facility. Your representatives have been flexible, willing to listen to and accommodate my requests where possible, and have always responded promptly and in a friendly and open fashion. I would thoroughly recommend (and indeed already have!) LCS to anybody with long- or short-term storage needs.
Dominic Baker
I've used a few storage companies over the years with my work and I can honestly say, the storage facilities are the best i've ever used, coupled with the fact that not only are their rates good, their staff are exceptional; knowledgeable, professional and friendly!!
Martyn P
If you want help with containers, these people care.
Stuart Frankson
Very helpful people.
John Prince
Great Company, highly recommend!
Friendly and efficient on the telephone
and face to face, no problems in sorting
out a 20’ container for me and my club,
even had a choice of what colour I could
have. Delivery was arranged through
them as well. LCS have been around for
a while and I am sure will be for years to
come. It’s been 12 months
since delivery and it is still ok with no
problems encountered, I wouldn’t
hesitate in recommending them.
Phil Mayhew - Lichfield City Cycling Club
I used LCS to convert a shipping container
into a office for my small business. I
provided them with a few rough sketches
and the finished result was beautifully
branded and beyond my expectations.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Sarah Altman
We rented some containers short term.
LCS gave us a great price and advised
us on what sizes we needed. Glad I
spoke to them as I almost ordered
something too small!
Mr Davis
Purchased several containers for a film
we are making at Pinewood Studios.
Excellent for green/blue screen.
Fantastic communication and really
looked after me re price.
Sir Jus

We are customer-focused and guarantee the quality of our containers and storage
solutions. Visit our partner companies to learn more about the other services we offer:



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