Eco Mobile Welfare Units
Our secure, self-contained, economical, portable units are the perfect solution for your welfare needs

There are numerous situations where mobile welfare units can be invaluable; LCS cater to the needs of your workforce.

In some cases, traditional building methods are not ideal for the intended use, or could push prices out of realistic range. LCS welfare units provide the same level of comfort and convenience, but cost far less than brick and mortar buildings of the same capacity. They are also environmentally efficient, easy to use and far more flexible when it comes to installation and removal. 

LCS can supply units of various sizes, accommodating anywhere from two to twenty people, with bathrooms and utility rooms included.


Our team will work with you to come up with the most optimal solution that takes your unique circumstances into account. The whole point of modular construction is to provide the buyer with plenty of choices, and the final structure can be practically any size required. The same goes for interior design, as separating walls and infrastructural elements (ventilation, sewage…) can be positioned almost anywhere inside the unit. 

LCS can arrange the transportation of your new building to the site of your preference, which can be especially useful if you need to provide accommodation far from your main premises.

Our structures are made from high-quality steel and are fully resistant to the weather, while depending on their exact purpose they can be fitted with a number of amenities, from running water to air conditioning.


LCS can supply and transport welfare units to your specified location as we have access to large scale machinery and specialised vehicles. 


We can help you decide on your buildings arrangement, but other than that you won’t have to worry about the manufacturing process. When you are working with us, you can expect turnkey service that covers all corners.

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