Modular Container Delivery
We'll take away the hassle from you
when it comes to delivering your new modular building

Products you order from LCS can be delivered to any UK location you specify.

This part of our service simplifies the collaboration and liberates you to focus on choosing the best design and position for your new unit. We can plan the logistics and all necessary steps to haul your new modular building from the assembly yard to its new home base. Each building is loaded onto a lorry using a suitable crane and then transported to your site by specialist contractors. 

We also organise on-site installation and both the delivery details and installation can be arranged by our inhouse team, ensuring a seamless service.

Please inform our delivery team about the conditions at the delivery location, especially in regard to obstacles blocking approach to the planned building site.

While most trucks are equipped with specialist lifting equipment, there are certain limitations in terms of the space necessary for them to operate, that’s why it’s best to discuss the delivery plan with our experinced team. 

Thanks to our convenient location in central
England, we can arrange fast deliveries
across the UK.

Thanks to our access to a large vehicle fleet, experienced team and good logistics planning,
we are routinely able to meet tight deadlines, even when the delivery site is distant.

We ensure that delivery drivers follow appropriate health and safety procedures to ensure that the entire process is conducted safely and with maximum attention not to damage the building or any surrounding environment.

We can organise deliveries for any purchased or rented LCS modular unit. At LCS, we strive to achieve long-term collaborations with our customers.

Our aim is to make it as easy for you as possible.

If you require information, want to discuss specifics
or would like a quote for your container delivery,
please contact us on : 01283 204 729  or email:
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