Environmental Benefits
At LCS we are aware of the need to protect the planet. Whenever possible, we
use processes and materials which are more environmentally friendly than
traditional building methods.

In addition to its numerous practical sides, modular architecture is noted for its comparatively negligible impact on the natural habitat.

  • Modular buildings are made from metal frames and don’t require the heavy use of concrete.
  • Most materials used for finishing are natural and biodegradable.
  • Whenever possible, we recycle materials to further reduce expenditure of natural resources.
  • Our buildings can be repurposed rather than destroyed after their present purpose expires. 
At LCS we actively monitor our carbon footprint and other environmental parameters.

Our management actively fosters a ‘green’ mindset.

We are mindful of the need to comply with high
environmental standards. 

Over the years, environmental protection has

became one of the central corporate values we

adhere to, and this tendency can be seen within 
many projects we undertake.

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In fact, projects we undertake often have a minimal impact on the surrounding sites, since LCS buildings are frequently pre-assembled and transported in a ready-to-use form that can be conveniently placed on the area planned for it.

Modular structures can be designed to fit into their surroundings, blending into the background, regardless whether it’s a city street or park. When the structures are removed, the site can be returned to its previous condition, often with little or no trace of the buildings previous presence.


At LCS, we are aware of the need to protect the planet, as such we actively monitor our carbon footprint and other environmental parameters. This factor is taken into account when new buildings are designed.


The adoption of modular building methods on a massive scale would contribute to reducing the amount of ecological damage resulting from the construction of new properties. Every project where modular buildings are used in place of more wasteful structures represents a step forward, and these gains accumulate over time to make a difference.

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