Buildings and Stands for Events
LCS modular units are ideal for conferences or public performances. They can include
toilets, electrical installations, ventilation and a range of other essential amenities.

Organising a big event can be quite stressful, as well as costly! LCS understands this and is well-prepared to assist you by supplying the structure you need at a great cost.

This is possible because our modular buildings are made from standardised metal structures and can be quickly transformed into a large range of sizes based on a client’s request. This practical and cost-efficient method allows the structure to be manufactured with less effort, so delivery times are shorter, customisation options are broader, and the prices are much lower.


You can host any type of event in one of our modular units, they are ideal for conferences or public performances. We don’t provide just empty space – the building can be equipped with a range of features, including toilets, electrical installations, ventilation and other essential amenities.

It is also possible to manage space according to the event scenario, leaving room for storage, equipment, use by VIP guests or any other purpose you have in mind. For short-term events, you can simply rent the modular building of your choice, while you might be more interested in owning the structure if your event is of recurring nature.


Modular structures are well protected from outside temperatures, so they don’t get too hot in the summer or too chilly in the autumn and winter. Of course, it’s possible to install heating or air conditioning if your event is expected to be held in extreme weather, or to provide additional ventilation if the unit is expected to accommodate a large number of people.

LCS is prepared to do what it takes to make your guests comfortable and your event a smashing success!

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