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What are modular buildings?

Structures of various sizes and construction types can be accurately described as "modular" as long as they are manufactured through a standardised, multi-stage process and composed of semi-independent ‘modules’ or elements.


Why should I consider getting a modular unit?

Our amazingly low prices per square metre, great customisation options, simple setup and minimal need for ongoing maintenance and repairs are all great reasons to consider purchasing a modular unit from us.


How are modular buildings manufactured?

We start from standardised frames made of metal and go on to implement the design by adding structural elements on top of the basic skeleton. This allows us to use the same procedure to build a huge range of facilities.


Is it possible to install electrical equipment in modular buildings?

Modular units supplied by LCS can be furnished with office equipment just like any other facility. Electric installations, water taps, toilets or heating can be built into the structure before it’s delivered to the customer.


How comfortable are modular buildings?

With appropriate customisation, modular buildings can be quite luxurious. Well-insulated from heat and frost; spacious and cosy and above all perfectly well crafted. LCS buildings provide a high level of comfort and are well-suited for daily use.


Can I hire a modular unit for a short time?

That’s possible, and many customers choose to hire rather than buy. You can decide on the length of lease that best suits your plans.


How will I transport my new building?

You don’t have to worry about that, our team will haul the structure and ensure that its setup has been conducted with respect to our quality procedures and safety regulations.


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