Gatehouses provide additional security and allow you
to easily keep track of all visitors

Gatehouses provide additional security and allow property owners to keep track of all visitors, making them essential for businesses.

However, that doesn’t mean you should spend a small fortune to build this type of facility, especially when LCS can supply them affordably. The price difference between traditional buildings and modulars can be quite large, but modular buildings also have a plethora of other advantages that must be taken into account. The units can be produced exactly to your specifications in terms of size, structural organisation and included features, and they can be delivered quickly after you place an order.


If you are aiming to provide your security people with perfect conditions to perform their duties, you should think long and hard about collaboration with LCS.

Our modular units are very comfortable and well insulated, so your employees won’t have to suffer from heat or cold. Its possible to install a number of features including telephone lines and wireless internet, while the gatehouse could also include its own toilets and water taps. All options are on the table – you just need to decide how big and sophisticated the gatehouse needs to be.


Our credentials speak for themselves, and our products are used across the country.
LCS’ expertise goes beyond technical knowledge and involves deeper understanding of our client’s needs and practical challenges they want to overcome. That’s why you can be 100% certain that your gatehouse will be ideally suited for its intended purpose and withstand all the rigours of round-the-clock utilisation.

We are as serious about quality as you are about security – so we make for logical business partners.

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