Marketing Suites
We can supply exceptional and cost effective marketing stands and booths
for a large range of events.

Whenever there is a need to produce marketing stands or booths for events, LCS can provide valuable assistance and deliver highly customised structures that fit the occasion perfectly.

Everything can be tailor-made to your specifications, from the basic shape and size of the structure to its features and appearance. We can supply open-ended suites or fully enclosed stand-alone buildings, suitable for posting in indoor or outdoor setting, allowing our clients to be prepared for any situation they might encounter.


The main advantages of modular units are price, speed of delivery and flexibility. LCS has the capacity to supply on short notice, which often happens with marketing promotions.

LCS units are often less expensive than most comparable products.


The modular building process makes it economically feasible to customise even temporary structures that will be used only for a short time during a particular event. Since we want to provide most optimal service for each customer, we also allow for hiring of standard-sized units at very attractive prices.


Our modular buildings are a great choice for tradeshow participation, public promotions, outdoor campaigns or in-store events. In fact, our team can realise virtually any idea you have, even if it doesn’t fall in any of the standard categories.

LCS strives to support your marketing objectives in every way possible. With our help, you can plan more ambitious campaigns and stretch your budgets a little further, greatly increasing the chances that your marketing drive will be successful. 

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