Modular Building Design
No matter what your requirements are,
LCS is very likely to have a solution perfect for you.

To keep pace with the expectations of our customers and offer solutions for every occasion, LCS has a highly talented design team on hand.

The design team is ready to attack any practical challenge and come up with several creative and cost-effective ideas. They work on the project from day one, so that the layout for the modular building can be a product of shared vision and mutual agreement. Of course, we only suggest realistic ideas that can be quickly put into practice with our modular process and that won’t significantly raise the final price of the project.


The most important step in determining the building design is to define a floor plan that can comfortably accommodate all expected business needs. The objective is to make good use of every square inch, saving on space wherever possible without disrupting basic functionality. Once the shape and structure of your new building is agreed, we can go on to discuss the layout and furnishing of each room, as well as interior and exterior decorations. If the design phase is conducted thoroughly, it will provide a clear road map for the following phases.


Modular building methods are extremely flexible. Your new building can have multiple entrances and windows as required, while ventilation ducts and electricity outlets can be positioned virtually anywhere. Interior walls can also be moved, so the available space can be organised into functional units of any size. Finally, walls and floors can be painted in any colour you prefer, personalising your new building to fit your brand.

The design team is very experienced and familiar with the technical side of the process, so they can suggest some battle-tested concepts that might work for you. 


For clients with simple requirements and short deadlines, we can also offer a range of pre-designed units in various sizes. They have been also been conceived by skilled designers and realised by the finest engineers, and have proven to be very popular in practice.


You can simply pick one that suits your needs and budget! No matter what your situation is, LCS is likely to have a solution for you.

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