Modular Retail Units
Our modular structures offer you an affordable alternative to traditional
brick and mortar retail shops

Having as many retail outlets as possible is a big part of the marketing strategy for every customer-facing company, and LCS can improve the maths in retailer’s favours.

Our modular structures can replace traditional retail stores and host any type of business without issue. Since units can be custom-built for the exact location where they will be stationed, we can use any available space wisely and generate a bit of extra value for our customers. The basic construction can be furnished with kitchens, toilets, shelving, power outlets and any other features you need to display and sell your products.


LCS can follow the scale of your business – we can deliver small or large retail units at your request. Our modular structures are very robust and durable, while the interiors are completely insulated from moisture and heat.

Security is taken very seriously, and we can supply a large number of features. In other words, modular buildings can meet and exceed your expectations, while their competitive price makes real business sense.


In addition to a choice of standard-sized buildings, we can also offer consultation and assign the best professionals to help you formulate the layout of your new retail unit. That way, the finished product will look the way you want it to and include infrastructural, functional or decorative elements, including your company branding and signage.

We can arrange the delivery of your new unit to anywhere in the country, so you don’t have to worry about anything except bringing in the customers.


With LCS as your partner, you can get new retail locations off the ground much faster and with a smaller initial investment.

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