On-Site Security Buildings
Our Security Buildings are equally suitable for urban locations,
industrial zones and the countryside.

Owing to their flexibility and cost effectiveness, Modular buildings are frequently used in the security sector to house guards or administrative personnel and to store equipment etc. 

Since they are light and mobile, they can easily be transported to any location where a continual or temporary presence is needed. Crucially they provide security companies with a possibility to establish outposts at any location on a short notice.

LCS has years of experience in this field and is able to supply a wide range of security-related facilities with a guaranteed level of quality and extended durability.


Our modular buildings are suitable for urban locations, industrial zones and the countryside. They can include a range of amenities, including electricity, running water, toilets etc. 

Size and complexity are a matter of choice – we have everything from one-man cabins to multi-room buildings.

We can find cost effective and realistic solutions for almost every situation, taking into account the sensitive nature of security work. Our expertise can be put in the service of your business model and support your field operations in a way you only wished was possible before.


Temporary or permanent structures produced using the modular building method compare favourably with traditional building methods. Our products have much better price-to-quality ratio, and can be modified or reused at a different location when client’s priorities change. This allows our clients to reduce operating expenses and respond to business challenges more vigorously while protecting their staff.

In short, our modular buildings are the most logical choice for establishing presence on a particularly vulnerable location.

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