Shower Units
Ideal for sports clubs, swimming pools, schools, summer camps and
building sites.

For a wide variety of situations where it’s absolutely necessary to have shower units on premises, LCS can offer an elegant solution that won’t burn a hole in your budget.

Some of the organisations that can benefit from our services include sports clubs, swimming pools, beachfront bars, schools, summer camps, building sites, hospitals, as well as countless others.


One common theme is that no one wants to spend too much to provide on-site showers, and there is no need to when LCS can supply custom shower units anywhere you need them at a very favourable price.


Our specialty is supplying modular buildings and this approach allows us to offer fully equipped shower units that can be installed at any location where water supply is available.

Depending on a client’s individual needs, we can make individual shower cabins or large multi-shower rooms suitable for groups of people, i.e. a football teams. Showers can be connected to a source of hot water, and fully equipped to provide extra comfort. Ventilation is taken very seriously, while heating can be installed optionally.


Units are well-protected from corrosion and durable, so they can be expected to stay in working condition for many years. They can also be moved to another location after a certain period, or upgraded to include additional amenities.


With LCS as your partner, you can count that the entire process will be handled professionally from start to finish, leaving nothing to chance. Our reputation was built on hard work and spotless service, and we see every project as another opportunity to confirm it.

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