Temporary or Modular Classrooms
LCS can work with you to transform a standard modular building into a
perfect classroom or nursery.

Modular buildings can make brilliant classrooms and learning spaces. Whether you're in need of a temporary learning space whilst another is being refurbished or looking to install several of our buildings to use for high tech, low cost classrooms, LCS has you covered. 

LCS can supply classrooms, office buildings and learning spaces to fit any specification that you or your institute requires. Buildings of any size can be constructed and can include as many doors and windows as you need.

We can also provide the standard features you would expect in traditional bricks and mortar buildings including: electrical installations,  wireless internet, heating, ventilation, toilet facilities, canteens and other essential infrastructure. 

Extensive customisation can be offered to clients wanting to add extra features to their modular classrooms, including exterior modifications to make the building fit seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Our modular classrooms and learning spaces are supplied with good security features, as well as being durable, even with daily use.

At LCS, we understand that in order to learn, young people need to feel comfortable and safe in their environment. As such, we offer practical, well equipped classrooms and school/ nursery buildings at inexpensive prices. We pride ourselves on our competitive costs and high standard customer service.

Call us today to discover how we can help you. 

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