Temporary Construction Buildings
Due to their mobility, easy installation and low cost, our modular buildings are ideal
to house workers, equipment, supplies, or serve as communication hubs.

Real estate developers and construction firms are among the most obvious beneficiaries of our modular buildings.

Due to their mobility, simplicity of installation and low cost, modular buildings can easily be positioned at construction sites to house workers, sensitive equipment and supplies,
or serve as communication hubs.

LCS can supply a broad range of custom-built units ideal for temporary use, with prompt delivery to any location with road access. That way, we can empower construction companies to complete their contracts faster, to protect their machinery and personnel, and to keep their operational expenses on budget.


Our practical and reliable products come in many shapes and sizes. We can supply anything from simple buildings with standard features, to units with multiple floors and sophisticated modification.

In addition to affordable pricing and convenient installation, LCS modular buildings are easy to maintain and durable. Made from strong materials, structurally robust and well protected against corrosion, our buildings can last for years in a variety of roles. They can often withstand periods of intensive use without any major issues, and can eventually be re-used at a different site – we can even arrange transportation for you.

It would behove every successful construction company to have a few of them on hand at all times, and deploy them as needed.

LCS is more than capable of meeting the demand, and can guarantee the finest quality and quick deployment.

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