Interior and exterior modifications can be added, including branding, to
ensure your new facilities fit perfectly within their new environment.

Having access to toilets makes a key difference for those who have to spend long hours working in the field, so organisations with widespread business networks have a strong incentive to buy or hire them.

The case for installing toilets is even more straightforward when you consider that LCS can provide excellent toilet faciliities at even more favourable prices. Our offer doesn’t entail just basic toilet cabins – we can also arrange interior and exterior modifications, install electronic appliances and ensure the finished units are transported to the location specified by the buyer.

Units can be produced in virtually any size, so they can be conveniently merged with existing facilities or positioned as a separate building in a public or privately owned location.

LCS ensures that every modular toilet unit it supplies will conform to high quality standards.


LCS have supplied Toilet cabins to a variety of businesses and venues – at open-air events, tradeshows and music festivals, in shopping malls, stadiums and factories. In fact, they can even be positioned in urban areas and made accessible for public use.


Their quality and versatility have been confirmed in practice, while their affordable price reiterates why dealing with us makes good business sense. 

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