Turnkey Solution
LCS works with top professionals during every phase of the process,
including designers, engineers and delivery drivers.

When you work with LCS, all you need to do is be clear with your requirements, the rest is up to us.

At LCS, we ensure that each step of the construction process is conducted according to strict quality procedures. Our methods accommodate fast delivery times, extensive customisation and a high quality finish. 


At LCS Modular Buildings, we can offer you the best possible service from the initial plans all the way to completion. This includes expert consultancy from our sales team who have over 45 years combined experience.

We can also take care of transportation
We have access to a fleet of specialised trucks 
to haul your new building to its assigned location, 
so you dont need to worry about hiring third-party
providers. Simply specify when and where you 
want the structure positioned and let us know
whether any obstacles (i.e. electrical wires, ditches
etc) are blocking access.

Our experienced team will arrange the final
setup and installation .
Download our container specifications

Of course, our turnkey service is very convenient for customers. It saves a lot of time and energy when your instructions are carried out without the need for personal oversight. The LCS team have considerable expertise and rely on a well-defined modular methodology that greatly simplifies the path from the drawing table to on-site installation. 


The building you receive will be fully functional and ready for everyday use, with all essential systems such as electricity or running water already installed. Meaning you can start utilising your new facilities to full capacity the moment delivery is completed. This is convenient for people urgently looking for additional space, and even more so for business owners who are in a hurry to launch a new venture.


Most importantly, our turnkey service is very affordable. No job is too big or too small for us, whether you want a complex office structure, or something a little more straightforward, we will ensure it is designed to your specifications. We ensure only the highest quality building materials are used.

At LCS, we offer a great service at affordable rates.
Call us today for a free consultation:  01283 537 382 

If you require information, want to discuss specifics
or would like a quote for your container delivery,
please contact us on : 01283 204 729  or email:
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